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Accurate data capture is everything. Click here to learn how and why your advertising data, captured correctly may be a more valuable asset than almost anything else.

Cerebro Analytics Is A Data Company That Helps Advertisers Scale Their Profits... Easter Egg

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Scale Your Profits, Not Your Ad Spend

We help advertisers scale profits by joining all your data and by installing an accurate thinking decision system for your business.

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Really changed out approach to paid traffic. Before working together, we'd never had an ROAS+ offer on the frond end. We only hit break even and achieved a positive return after things played out on the back end, but we were still spending $30K+ /mo on paid traffic. Now we have a positive return on ad spend (after all CoGs) day 0.

Been a game changer for us!

Mat Silverstein - CMO & Partner Wealth Factory

I ❤️ Cerebro

I've spent over $50Million in ads over the last 15 years.

I started using Cerebro & the thinking processes, and went from breaking even in 90 days, and turning a profit in 120, to breaking even on day 1. It helped me acquire 31,000+ paying monthly subscribers and exit the business.

We're using this in every company I own.

Won't Spend Another $1 
Without It...

Merlin Holmes - Founder Precision Media Lab

For Advertisers, By Advertisers Who Became Data People

How To Make Decisions Based On Real Return On Ad Spend So You Can Scale Your Ad Profits

Get All Your Revenue, All Your Ad Spend, All Your Clicks, All Your Costs & All Your Events Into Your New Decision Driven Dashboard  And Make Decisions That Make It Possible To Scale Profits

CASE STUDY: How To Add $3.1M In Recurring Revenue To A Book Funnel Using A KPI No One Tracks

Get Your Real Return On Ad Spend Including CoGs
In Slack, App & Dash

At $400K a month, growth stalled because we couldn't see clearly anymore

I fell in love with the makers of cerebro as an agency client in another business.

I trust the fate of my company on their data because nothing else gave me the visibility of their data.  Now we can connect our decisions to full stack data, and we actually know it it's putting more money in the bank or just making a number go up or down..

We Tried Everything Else...

Marty Orefice - Founder 
All Star Health


The goal, is to increase profits the more and better decisions by more people more of the time. Period.  


The more, bigger, and accurate your executed decisions the more money you'll make.

We offer risk free proof of concepts to qualified advertisers.  No minimum spend or revenue, click below to fill out a short questionaire and you'll be redirected to a page where you can book a call to assess your needs. You'll get a free action plan, process map and revenue model if you engage with us and show up on the call